NORD-LOCK zink flake behandlad (DP) med obehandlad skruv 10.9 Torque. [Nm]. Clamp load. [kN]. Vänligen kontakta vår tekniska support för åtdragnings-.


Key Account Manager presso Nord-Lock Group. Nord-Lock GroupITSG "A. CANOVA" VICENZA ITALY. Vicenza TORQUE TENSION & BOLTING EQUIPMENT.

Nord-Lock Superbolt Expander System Boltight Nord-Lock zinc flake coated (dP = delta Protekt®) washers with electro zinc plated bolt 8.8 Torque guidelines for other bolt grades are available on request through your local Nord-Lock representative. GTP600 = graphite lubricant G F = ratio of yield point µ g = thread friction µ w = washer friction oil, G F =0,75 GTP600, G F =0,75 dry, G F The apps we designed will simplify decision making process for Nord-Lock’s customers. The apps also provide more reliable data in the product ordering process and are used by the Nord-Lock sales team. Apps that we have designed: Boltight Flange Calculator, Nord-Lock ISO tool, Nord-Lock Torque Calculator. Find out more. Drehmomentrechner | Torquelator by Nord-Lock Group Nord-Lock wedge-locking products are the optimum choice for critical bolted joints.

Nord lock torque

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The bracket uses locknuts with nylon inserts to prevent loosening in high vibration  Engineered for performance and handling 65 degrees of lock, parallel steering. parameter to provide sufficient self-alignment torque especially at high lock. Fördelar med Nordlock . Multi-grip, B-Lok, Mubux-R, S-Lok, Anchor, Clifa, Nord-Lock.

Frederik Koning.

Torquelator by Nord-Lock® is a torque calculating application that is accessible on mobile devices as well as computers. It is accurate and quick, but most of all it’s easy to use wherever and whenever.

Nord-Lock Group is a global leader in bolted solutions. Our innovative technologies combined with our industry-leading expertise secures millions of critical applications across the globe. Nord-Lock Group Toolkit Whether you are looking for an easy method to calculate torque or a quick way to find fastener dimensions – we have the solutions for you Moment beregner | Torquelator by Nord-Lock Group Nord-Lock zinc flake coated (dP = delta Protekt®) washers with electro zinc plated bolt 8.8 Torque guidelines for other bolt grades are available on request through your local Nord-Lock representative.

Nord lock torque

Should I change my tightening torque with Nord-Lock? Does the use of Nord-Lock washers affect my tightening routines? How? When a tightening torque is applied to create a clamp load in a joint, friction under the bolt head (or nut) and in the threads must be overcome before any torque …

Moment beregner | Torquelator by Nord-Lock Group Nord-Lock Group. April 12, 2019 · We have already covered the topics of torque, preload and friction but have you ever wondered how they interact? Let's take a deeper look at this phenomenon! Nord-Lock has launched Torquelator, a torque calculating application that runs on mobile devices as well as computers.Torquelator calculates pre-load and corresponding torque for bolted joints secured with Nord-Lock washers. Users can choose between two different calculation methods, Kellermann&Klein or … Nord –Lock washers are a practical option to stop loosening fasteners since they may be re-used many times and only require slightly higher torque to achieve your required clamp load.

Nord lock torque

$.97. No: NLX 10sp. The Nord-Lock X-series enlarged outer diameter carbon steel washers for securing M10 bolt 1 pair Packed 200 pairs per box.
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Nord lock torque

Operator has a continuous torque check on bolts. There are  26 Nov 2019 Ok I bought m10 bolts 55mm long 12.9.

Torquelator by Nord-Lock calculates the preload and corresponding torque for bolted joints secured with Nord-Lock washers. Nord-Lock Group Torquelator by Nord-Lock Torquelator calculates preload and the corresponding torque for bolted joints secured with Nord-Lock original washers and Nord-Lock X-series washers. The web application can be used on any mobile device – so you can easily make calculations on-site, without having to carry a brochure around with you. Nord-Lock’s general tightening guidelines are taking the increased friction into account and permit to achieve a very accura te tightening.
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Torque Wrench. Washer, Nord-Lock. Green Loctite. 2 – Installing washers on the left gear tube. Uninstall bolts one at the time and apply the Nord-Lock washer 

Experienced assembly technology engineer Bernard Tollet discusses optimising torque and clamp load, and the various ingredients concerning tightening  mechanical movements require a reliable drive that ensures the best torque, “But after testing the Nord-Lock combi bolt in more than 1,000 devices, there  Nord-Lock Group. 36 920 gillar · 69 pratar om detta. Secure and innovative bolting solutions. Torque tightening, hydraulic bolt tensioning and mechanical tensioning - common methods to tighten large bolts to achieve proper preload in a bolted  internal drives and lower head shape.

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TORQUE LOCK snabb fastspänning och frigöring. Krok för manuell justering av gripkraft. Kan även användas för att hänga verktyget. Härdade aggressiva käftar 

Nord-Lock created the original wedge-locking technology that secures bolted joints, even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. It is impossible for our products to loosen unintentionally due to the wedge created underneath the bolt head and nut. The below torque values have been verified in test laboratories and represent a configuration example. The values are indicative and should not be seen as recommendations as varying conditions, joint designs and requirements apply. The Nord-Lock Group provides customized torque calculations to any standard, free of charge.