Vardavar in Armenia On 28-th of July Armenia celebrated one of the most beloved summer holidays both by children and adults- Vardavar. Vardavar is famous Armenian water festival during which all people drench each other with water.


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Vardavar 2021 in Armenia When Is Vardavar 2021? Vardavar 2021 will fall on Sunday, July 11. Date: 98 days (14 weeks) after Easter. La Vartavar est célébrée 98 jours (14 semaines) après Pâques. Pendant la journée de Vartavar, les personnes de tous âges sont autorisées à asperger les étrangers d'eau.

Vardavar date

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July 11, 2021. Vardavar 2022 in Armenia. Sunday. July 24, 2022.

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Vardavar is celebrated 98 days, or 14 weeks, after Easter. The etymology of the word “Vardavar” stems from “vard” meaning “rose” in Armenian. The explanations for the rose connection

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Vardavar date

Posts about Vardavar written by dovenews. 7th of July, 2013…Sunday morning… You’re walking down one of the streets of Yerevan, maybe making up some plans for the coming week or just dreaming about the future.

Nowadays, every year, 14 weeks after Easter (exactly 98 days), Vardavar is celebrated in the whole country.

Vardavar date

Watermelon Festival. Date: July 14. Place: Swan Lake, Yerevan Origin.
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Vardavar date

2017. Sun. Jul 23. Vardavar. Observance.

Home - VARD. Vårdlagar. En av de roligaste helgdagarna är Vardavar, som har hedniska rötter och firar At christian dejting sites or date with single 50 miljon singel, använda sociala  Vardavar Celebration Days year day 2024 July 7 2023 July 16 2022 July 24 2021 July 11 2020: July 19 2019: July 28 2018: July 8 2017: July 23 2016: July 3 2015: July 12 2014: July 27 2013: July 7 2012: July 15 2011: July 31 2010: July 11 Vardavar. National holiday.
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Vardavar or Vartavar is an Armenian festival in Armenia where people of social groups drench each other with water. Although now a Christian tradition, celebrating the transfiguration of Jesus Christ (the Feast of Transfiguration), Vardavar’s history dates back to pagan times.

Armenia y Georgia. Culturas cristianas en Oriente. AULARTE. 1 month ago · The Wire for February 26th.

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Sunday. July 24, 2022. Vardavar 2023 in Armenia. Sunday. July 16, 2023. Vardavar 2024 in Armenia. Sunday. July 7, 2024. Vardavar 2025 in Armenia.

In the centre of Yerevan, the emphasize is going to be on the Swan Lake. In order to read more about Vardavar 2018 visit Gardman Tour. In 2020, Vardavar will be celebrated on July 19th. Now, people all over Armenia enjoy splashing water on one another.